• These are 5 movie quotes that I find interesting and the order of the quotes does not mean that one quote is better than the other one. They are just in the order that came to mind first.

    5. “I am sorry, Dave, I’m afraid that I can’t do that.” Hal, 2001: A Space Odyssey
    This is HAL the computer’s answer to the human astronaut’s request to open the doors to the spaceship. After HAL has said this, you know that HAL has gone to the dark side and will no longer obey the humans. He will do whatever he pleases, even if it means killing the humans that he is supposed to serve and protect. If your computer says this, you should probably destroy it as soon as possible.
    HAL also says this quote so human-like that he seems to have no longer is just a computer, but a full-fledged personality.
    When I was a kid, my computer would say this quote when it could not do something. My computer had not become an artificial intelligence. It was just saying it because a computer-programming friend programmed to say it.
    For the thousandth time, I do have to say that HAL is named HAL because that is what author of the book had chosen. The long-standing rumor is that the name HAL was chosen because somebody did not like the company IBM as letters H, A and L are so close to the alphabet. It is just a coincidence so I don’t want any comments talking about this IBM rumor,

    4, “I like the smell of napalm in the morning”, Apocalypse Now
    Robert Duvall has had one of the longest careers of any actor, but probably will be remembered for saying just this one thing. This was one of his first appearances and he does look very young and lean.
    This quote shows in this film, that we have entered a different world and that it is an insane, dark world. Do you know what napalm smells like? It smells like burning gasoline and who could enjoy the smell of it in the morning or at any time of the day?
    You should enjoy the documentary called Heart of Darkness that talks about the making of Apocalypse Now and why it took 3 years to make this movie.
    My family lived in the Philippines and the set for this film was left standing. A river was near this set and my family went up and down that river in a canoe. It is a very good ride and I would recommend it.

    3. “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault, Casablanca
    You probably remember this quote because of what Captain Renault. a police officer does after saying this. What he does next is that he actually gambles! Due to his actions, his quote is about the hypocrisy of our leaders in the power. They always say that they will get rid of corruption, but they never do. They say that their beliefs are their own. They do not follow the beliefs of a person who gives them $10,000, but they actually do. This quote makes you want to watch for the hypocrisy of your fellow men and women.
    When I lived in Thailand in the early 2000s, the Prime Minister at that time promised that he would get rid of corruption in government. Like Captain Renault, he did not get rid of corruption and turned out to be a hypocrite.

    2. “Snap out of it!” Moonstruck
    This movie stars Cher and her character’s lover is so smitten by her that he can’t think of anything else. The lover is played by Nicolas Cage and happens to be the brother of the man that she is about to be married. He better snap out of his love foe her or things are going to get quite interesting.
    I saw this movie at an outdoor theater at night in Boston. Watching this movie under a moonlit sky was quite an experience. An alien invasion could have started in Boston at the same time and the audience at this screening would not have noticed. We were moonstruck and nothing would have snapped us out of this movie’s spell.

    1. “Plastics.” The Graduate
    The parents of the graduate and their friends are having a pool party and somebody asks what they should invest in. The answer is the quote above and it seems like an obvious answer to a person living in 2017. Why wouldn’t you invest in plastics? Everything is practically made of plastic. When this movie was made in the 1960s and at that times, plastics may not have been the obvious thing. It is only until later that it seemed to have invested in plastics. The lesson is not to discount anything because it may not seem so outlandish at a later date.
    I think of this when I miss an opportunity like investing in Apple. In the 1990s, it would have seemed crazy to invest in a computer that hardly anybody used their operating and only graphic designers really used their computer. In 2017, Apple is one of the most obvious things to have invested in. Like plastics, it seems like a good choice, The problem is that you may not know until a future date.

    These quotes make me think. I hope that they made you think, too.

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  • The role of a producer in filmmaking could be unclear to many people; however, the mark of a great one is obvious. Here are the top eight best movie producers of all time; the people behind the scenes who created the classic movies that we love watching.

    1. Steven Spielberg

    Born on Dec. 18, 1946, Steven Spielberg is an American screenwriter, producer, and director. He’s considered among the New Hollywood era founding pioneers. He’s also among the most popular producers in the history of film. In a career that has spanned over 40 years, his films have spanned numerous genres and themes.

    Spielberg’s early adventure and science-fiction films, like the Extra-Terrestrial E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Jaws were regarded as archetypes of escapist filmmaking in modern Hollywood. His work has helped in defining modern commercial blockbuster. Spielberg has made many critically acclaimed, top grossing movies, and currently, he’s one of the richest filmmakers worldwide. He has a total of eight Oscar nominations and has won one Oscar.

    2. Scott Rudin

    Born on July 14, 1958, Scott Rudin is an American theatrical and film producer. He started working as an assistant in theatre production when he was 16 years old. Instead of going to college, he decided to work as a casting director. He later launched his company. At 29 years old, he became president of the production at 20th Century-Fox. He stayed for nearly 15 years at paramount after signing a producing deal.

    He finally went to Disney and made movies under the Miramax Films, Hollywood Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Touchstone Pictures. In the year 2012, Rudin was among the few people to win the Tony Award, Oscar, Grammy, and an Emmy as well as the first producer doing so.

    3. Sam Spiegel

    He was born on Nov. 11, 1901, in Jarosław, Austrian Poland; he died on Dec. 31, 1985. He started his career in Hollywood, in 1927 as a story translator. He was an American independent film producer. Sam was the first person to win the Best Picture Academy Award three times as well as the only person to ever do like that as a sole producer on all the three the films that have won.

    4. Harvey Weinstein

    He was born on March 19, 1952. He’s an American film studio executive and film producer. He was popularly known as the Miramax co-founder, which produced several famous independent films such as Clerks, The Crying Game, Lies, and Videotape, and Pulp Fiction. Since 2005, Weinstein and his brother called Bob have been The Weinstein Company co-chairmen.

    Weinstein is an Academy Award-winner for producing the famous Shakespeare in Love. He also produced various winning musicals and plays, including August: Osage County, Billy Elliot the Musical, and The Producers, which earned seven Tony Awards.

    5. Francis Ford Coppola

    Coppola is an American, born on April 7, 1939. He’s a semi-retired film director, screenwriter, and producer. He’s considered a central figure in the filmmaking of the New Hollywood wave. He transformed filmmaking in the genre of gangster drama with the movies called The Godfather. He’s given credit for directing three greatest films in the history of cinema.

    6. Eric Fellner

    He was born on Oct. 10, 1959. He’s an English producer of films. Fellner and Tim Bevan are the co-chairmen of Working Title Films production company. His work with the directors from outside Hollywood system positioned his company of production apart in the nineties. At that time, the company produced three back-to-back Best Picture nominees: Fargo, Dead Man Walking, and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

    7. Clint Eastwood

    He was born on May 31, 1930. Clint Eastwood is an American political figure, musician, filmmaker, and actor. After he achieved success in the Rawhide, Western TV series, Eastwood grew to international fame for transforming Westerns throughout the seventies. Later, in his career, he branched out into undiscovered territory with films like Letters from Iwo Jima, Mystic River, and Million Dollar Baby. Eastwood has won two Oscars.

    8. Brian Grazer

    Grazer alongside Ron Howard, are representing 50 percent of among the strongest film industry working partnerships. Working with Howard, Brian Grazer produced numerous hits, including Frost/Nixon, A Beautiful Mind, and career highlights Apollo 13.

    These are the top eight best movie producers of all time who have made history in the film industry, garnering awards or recognition worldwide for their greatest work in filmmaking.

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