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Just Moving to Las Vegas? Setup your Cox Internet, Cable and Phone service here

Please feel free to visit us when you are ready to use Cox services. We are here to help you as your only Cox authorized retailer in Las Vegas located at 6115 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV. Our commitment is to setup Cox service in Las Vegas, and we will help you choose the services that will work best for you. We are happy to help, and this is a look at all the things we can do for you.

We Start With Phone Service

We will start you with a phone service that is suited to your home. Ask us what sorts of services we offer, and we will install a phone line when you are ready. We move on to other services once you are pleased with what we have done. The phone service will come with internal voicemail, and you have a number of options to call around the world or take international calls. You may cut back on your phone plan when you do not need much phone service, and we will help you choose phones that match your needs. The same is true in business offices where we help with business headsets.

Internet Services

Our Cox store in Las Vegas will help you set up Internet in your house that connects you to the whole world. You will have access to every website that you could want to visit, and you will find that we have varying speeds that help homeowners and businesses. Ask us about the speeds we offer, and we will show you how simple it is to get online with our modems and Ethernet boxes. Connecting to the Internet is much easier when you use our modems that broadcast throughout your home.

TV Services

We offer Cox cable which has been a staple of our brand for many years. We are happy to show you all the entertainment that you could ever want, and we will help you find the channels you need. We will build TV packages that help you see what you prefer, and you will see everything from premium movie channels to your local news. TV services are the thing we are known best for, and you will find the same quality signal that you and your parents got when you were a kid.

Networking Solutions

We will help your business with a number of networking solutions that include cloud connectivity and internal modems to be used for your communications. Ask us how we set up for businesses, and we will combine our Internet services for businesses with the Internet service you require. We prefer to help you save money on this package, and we will bundle all that you need to stay online or on the phone.

Security Systems

We will help you install a new security system that will cover the entirety of your home. We will bring everything from the sensors that check your doors and windows to the keypad and alarm siren. You will find that your Cox security system is installed with its own battery that does not go out when you lose power in the house.

Our Commitment To Customer Service

We send licensed and certified technicians to your home, and they provide you with the care that you need during your installation. Our staff members are capable of telling you the exact system you need, and they will ensure that it is installed as quickly as possible. There are many people on our staff who are ready to come see you today, and we have friendly people ready to answer the phone when you call. Any need you have will be covered by our professional and friendly staff.

Contact Us Today

You may call: 702-367-1173 for help, and we will walk you through the process of choosing the services you need. This is your local option for choosing Internet, TV, phone and security services. We will help your company set up Internet inside the office, and we will show you how to communicate with the world using our tools. You may watch your watch your favorite TV shows, and you will secure your home with our security systems when you are ready

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